Anne Arts


Anne Arts studied Dutch Law at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. In 2014 Anne graduated in the area of civil and corporate law.

In May 2016 Anne started working at Van Poppel Croonen Advocaten. Before that, she worked at a legal expenses insurer. Anne's field of activity includes corporate law, in particular Employee representation law and collective and individual employment law.

Anne likes to immerse herself in the corporate culture and the relationships between people in order to efficiently find a suitable solution.

Anne likes to spend her free time traveling, cycling and enjoying dinners.

Anne is a member of:
• de Vereniging Jonge Arbeidsrecht Advocaten (VJAA);
• de Activiteitencommissie VJAA;
• VJAA Lokaal;
• de Vereniging Arbeidsrecht Advocaten Midden-Nederland (VAAMN).

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