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Tax advice, tax disputes and tax compliance. Corporation tax, Income tax, Wage tax, Turnover tax, Transfer tax and international tax law.

The tax advisers of Van Poppel Croonen van Dijk advise and litigate on almost everything that is affected by Dutch tax law. We identify tax opportunities and risks for entrepreneurs, managements and corporate managers. We advise them in a practical and committed way how opportunities can be exploited and tax risks can be avoided as much as possible. Because a tax adviser is also a lawyer with us, an opinion or position can also be defended with passion.

Tax advice

A company starts, grows and shrinks. Each phase has its own tax dynamics. We know these phases and often encounter entrepreneurs on the “transition”. For example, we think along about the most attractive tax and legal form of cooperation. Does the legal structure still fit the way the company is run? Who will you be transferring the company to, in what way, and are you actually ready for that? Are the risks allocated at the right place in the structure? What are the tax consequences of a participation or dismissal arrangement? Is the sales tax actually stated on your invoices? Whatever your tax question, we give you insight into the options and solutions. Unambiguous, concrete and understandable tax advice.

Tax disputes

The tax playing field within which a company is supposed to operate is changing every day. Much is expected from you in that regard. It is not strange then that a difference of opinion arises with the tax authorities from time to time. We assist you when this leads to a discussion. The way in which this discussion is conducted can, after all, influence the outcome. What information do you submit and at what point in the process? What are your rights? How can you properly substantiate the position taken in the declaration? Our tax specialists are not easily surprised and usually see a way out for every (potential) problem. They are solution-oriented, explore the possibilities for an amicable solution, but will litigate when that can lead to a better or faster solution for you.

Tax compliance

All advice and opinions ultimately become tax relevant when they are expressed in a tax return. Where necessary and desired, we support you or your tax intermediary with advice and assistance in preparing those tax return(s).

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